CNC Fin Slots

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Our CNC Router can cut slots in Blue Tube Airframe up to 7.5” in diameter.

Slot sizes available- .0625 – .125 – .187 -.250 – .375 – .500.

Please provide the following dimensions in thousandths of an inch and enter in the “Order Notes ” section of the car.

  1. Size of Airframe.

  2. Distance from the motor end of tube to start of slot.

  3. Length of Slot.**NOTE: The slot must be offset a minimum of .250 from the end of the tube to insure integrity during shipping.** Simply subtract the offset from the length of the fin root.  You can then cut the tab after the tube is received.

  4. Choose the size for the width of the slot.     .0625 – .125 – .187 -.250 – .375 – .500.