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Surplus Vietnam era, new, never used, ripstop nylon.

The parachute has been dyed with standard RIT Dye. These chutes take dye very well.

Here is all you have to do:

1. Pick up a bottle of liquid Rit Dye at Michaels or some other craft store.
2. Heat up a large pot of water to near boiling (pot size at least a gallon).
3. Pour the dye into the pot, stir. Turn off heat.*
4. Place the chute into the pot. (I like to keep the shroud lines white so I don’t put those in).
5. Let sit until the water cools to room temp.
6. Rinse chute in cool water and hang to dry.

If you want single color tye dye, just fold and pack the chute tightly with a rubber band and put it in the dye.

*If you are doing the 15 footer, you’ll need several gallons of hot water and a large cooler or something. One bottle of dye is still enough. If you are only doing one small chute, a half bottle is enough.

That’s it!