About Us

I wanted to sell Blue Tube because of its strength and affordable price, so I applied to become a Blue Tube dealer and the rest is, as they say, history. I liked the product so much, when an opportunity arose, I bought the company. ARR is now located south of Mount Vernon, Washington.

You will find the most common items needed to build and fly rockets right here. Products by Aero Pack, AeroTech, LOC , PML, Top Flight, surplus parachutes, the now famous Blue Tube 2.0 airframes and couplers. research supplies, casting tubes and liners, along with new additions like CNC slotting, custom fins and centering rings.

We are always interested in adding new products and services, so send us your suggestions.


Dave Ebersole
Mount Vernon WA 98273
Phone 360-445-2ARR (2277)

We welcome your call, in fact I look forward to speaking with you.
A phone call is still the best way to get quick and accurate information.
Please leave a phone number and a message and we will call you back.
Email your questions to: info@alwaysreadyrocketry.com