AeroTech/RouseTech Hardware

AeroTech/RouseTech rocket motors feature hard anodizing on the forward and rear enclosures. This type of aluminum anodizing is superior to any other anodizing or coatings because it actually increases the strength of the aluminum surface to a hardness greater than stainless steel. This exceptional anodizing ensures that the surface will not rub off during cleaning like normal anodized coatings, and will keep your closures looking like new. Because AeroTech Motors are reusable, you will save large amounts of money by purchasing only the propellant. There are a wide variety of AeroTech propellants for use in their motor hardware. The AeroTech product line includes the three hobby sizes of 18, 24, and 29 millimeter. High power rocket motors start at 29 millimeter and go up to the 98 millimeter N2000 case.

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